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Discover our novelties launched at ForMóbile

Check out the MDF launches presented by Guararapes at ForMóbile, the largest fair of the furniture industry in Latin America


Mega MDF Guararapes Formóbile 2024

In July 2024, we launched several novelties in the MDF market. Presented at ForMóbile, one of the most important fairs of the furniture industry in Latin America, the launches have come to meet many needs, from the handicraft market, through woodworking shops, to large manufacturers.

Check them out:

Mega MDF

Mega MDF Guararapes Formóbile 2024

Mega MDF is a five-meter-long panel that is exclusive for the domestic market. Developed to receive both longitudinal and transverse cuts, it has come to meet the demand for special sizes in MDF panels.

The product is manufactured at the new industrial operation in Caçador/SC, opened in 2023.


G-Door is a hyper-low-density MDF product developed to be used as filling in MDF or laminated-wood doors. Optimal for replacing the cardboard or wood-slat cores, it provides further lightness and strength, on top of better acoustic insulation.


MultiRipas is a technology process of cutting the Mega MDF panels into multiple wood strips in the longitudinal direction of the board. It is indicated for producing serial furniture pieces, baseboards, middle boards, and door casings.

G Door e MultiRipas Guararapes Formóbile 2024

Light and Ultralight MDF

MDF Light and MDF Ultralight exhibit lower densities than traditional MDF, which makes them around 30% lighter. They’re indicated for handicraft works, baseboards and ceiling boards, frames for wall art and portraits, and other applications. 

HDF Super Core

A product specially developed for machining processes, with short fibers and a raising‑free finish. 

MDF Leve, MDF UltraLeve e HDF SuperCore Guararapes Formóbile 2024

All the products have been developed to bring complete solutions to various markets, from luxury furniture to handicraft products as well as export markets. As a result, we have expanded our product mix to provide more possibilities to the furniture industry.