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Chroma Collection celebrates our 40 year anniversary

The 2024 launches of the Chroma Collection anticipate trends and expand the universe of MDF applications with six new patterns


Chroma Collection 2024 - Guararapes

The 2024 launches of the Chroma Collection anticipate trends and expand the universe of MDF applications with six new patterns: two woods, one rock, and three solid colors.

 One of the distinctive features of this launch is that it brings three Off White patterns: Lumen, Breeze, and Cloud, which are distinguished to the smallest detail and expand the maximum combination possibilities. On top of these, the novelties also include the Walnut Sonora pattern, inspired by the Italian nut tree and terracotta colors; the Peroba pattern, inspired by the “peroba rosa” tree, with clear grain lines that are typical of the natural veneer; and the Chromium pattern, with the look of a grayish sedimentary rock.

Learn now in detail the characteristics, inspirations, and innovations that each pattern from the Chroma Collection is bringing to you.

MDF Peroba

MDF Peroba | Linha Madeiras do Brasil | Guararapes Painéis

Kitchen with MDF Peroba and MDF Lumen

Inspired by the “peroba rosa” tree, which is widely used in furniture making, this launch has earthy colors and clear and wavy grain lines with a very distinct design.

The Peroba MDF belongs to the Madeiras do Brasil line and has a Deep Wood texture, with an effect of flattened and slightly sanded wood, as well as deep pores, a smooth touch, and the subtle interference of micro reliefs. The combination of its design and texture results in an authentic and sophisticated pattern that brings visual comfort and the feeling of warmth that is inherent to Brazilian woods. Click here and learn more.

MDF Walnut Sonora

MDF Sonora | Linha Dual Syncro | Guararapes Painéis

Bedroom with MDF Sonora and MDF Aura

With subtle grain lines and its texture and design inspired by the Italian nut tree, the Walnut Sonora MDF has warm, hazel-like coloring that approximates to the trend for terracotta and ochre colors with a warm look to be used in spaces.

The Walnut Sonora MDF is part of the Dual Syncro line, which also includes the MDF patterns Sibéria, Caribe, Savana, Baviera, and Nero, all of them with perfect synergy between design and texture on both sides of the panel. The product name relates to the Sonoran Desert, in the United States, due to the tone of the local sand. Click here and learn more.

MDF Chromium

MDF Crômio | Linha Magma | Guararapes Painéis

Living room com MDF Crhomium and details with MDF Tauari Stripwood

With the look of a grayish sedimentary rock with calm, uniform motion, the Chromium MDF is a minimalist composition that brings together elements such as sand and basalt and exhibits subtle and light grain lines.

The Magma texture, with the look of a brushed finish, creates the three-dimensional effect of rocky materials, making Chromium a modern and contemporary pattern. Click here and learn more.

Off White Collection

Having our best-selling Areia MDF as a starting point, we have dived deep into the world of colors, studying in detail all the nuances in interior design, going over carpets, fabrics, paints, and other coatings. The result has been a careful selection of the most significant and versatile colors of beiges and grays created to inspire and supplement a wide range of styles, leading to three new products: Lumen, Breeze, and Cloud.

MDFs Lume, Brisa, Nuvem e Areia | Linha Colors | Coleção Offwhite | Guararapes Painéis

Lumen MDF: With an extremely delicate yellowish tone, it conveys the liveliness of sunlight, making spaces cozier. Click here and learn more.

Breeze MDF: Like a gentle breeze, it makes any space lighter. Its light gray tone provides the feeling of a wide, well-lit space. Click here and learn more.

Cloud MDF: The subtle grayish color of sky clouds brings smoothness and creates minimalist spaces for well-being and peace. Click here and learn more.

Moisture, termite, and bacteria resistance:

The three patterns from the Off White Collection (Lumen, Breeze, and Cloud) are also available as MR RUC MDF, which provides triple protection and increased resistance against moisture, termites, and bacteria.