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We’ve released a book in celebration of our 40 years 

Discover how we’ve become one of the largest manufacturers of plywood and MDF panels in Brazil 


Our History - Guararapes book

To celebrate our 40 years, we’ve released “Nossa História” (or “Our Story”), a book that tells our story from the very beginning, when we were a small family-owned sawmill, to the powerhouse that we’ve become today. The material includes historic pictures, accounts from the founders and family members, and testimonies from employees who’ve been with us since our early years.

Entrada Guararapes Compensados - Palmas/PR, década de 90

Palmas/PR unit entry, mid-90s

Guararapes was founded in 1984 by friends and partners João Carlos Pedroso and Walderez Bertolin (in memoriam), in the city of Quilombo (SC), as a small sawmill producing 150 cbm a month. In 1986, the headquarters were transferred to Palmas (PR), where we began our plywood panel production with a focus on exports. In 2002, a new plywood plant was opened in Santa Cecília (SC). 

Vista área da planta de compensados em Palmas/PR - década de 90

Aerea view of Palmas/PR unit , mid-90s.

In 2009, another important step was taken when our MDF plant in Caçador (SC) was opened. With a focus on the domestic market, a portfolio of innovative products, and a marketing strategy, the company grew quickly and, in 2016, its annual production capacity went from 200,000 cbm to 600,000 cbm.

Vista área da unidade de MDF em Caçador/SC, 2009.

Aerea view of MDF unit, Caçador/SC, 2009.

The year 2023 was a landmark, when we opened a new, highly sustainable industrial operation at the Caçador (SC) complex. As a consequence, we have expanded our MDF production capacity by 90% to 1.140 million cbm/year, which has made the plant the largest one in the Americas in this segment

Fábrica de Caçador 2024

Caçador/SC unit, 2023.

The book is available in Portuguese and in English. Click here to access it.