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Guararapes releases new collection full of meanings and history

The search for essence guides the 2020 releases of Guararapes. Fourteen new products were released that contemplate nature through its elements, in addition to prioritizing the cultivation of great memories. 


14 new MDF patterns with textures, colors and innovative proposals.

Among the novelties is the new line Madeiras do Brasil. Strolling through different regions of the country, the launches represent impeccable versions of the noblest woods found. The release brings traditional names such as Ipe, which gains golden pigments to highlight its elegance; and Imbuia, which is in the process of extinction and gains space to maintain its legacy for the next generations.

Standards: Imbuia and Fulgê

Standards: Imbuia and Fulgê

In addition to the exuberant color combinations that nature offers for inspiration, the products of the Madeiras do Brasil line also have the new Deep Wood texture. With cutting edge technology, the texture reproduces the sensation of planed and lightly sanded wood through deep pores, soft touch and an interference of micro reliefs.

Guararapes also bet on designs that give new meaning to applications, such as Fulgê, inspired by the nostalgic Granilite. Reference in the decoration of the 40s, the material has appeared in pieces of interior design. Fulgê arrives to offer a touch of personality to the environment, since it adds lightness to the products without leaving aside the relaxed and modern touch.

Quarto Infantil MDF Cipres, Fulgê e Tijolo

Standards: Cipres, Fulgê and Tijolo

Still in an atmosphere of nostalgia and memories, Tela portrays the straw texture very common in the furniture that permeates childhood memories. The material praises the craft it takes as a basis, delicately reproducing small details and imperfections of these products.

Innovative design is one of the premises of Guararapes, which seeks to offer products with visual and tactile quality. We want to convey respect for nature, for our culture and, above all, for warmth and empathy

says product analyst Jessica Hori.

Without neglecting the tendency to bring biophilic design to different projects, Quartzo refers to natural stone Quartz with elegance and subtlety; while Alecrim brings the tropicality of green to the neutrality of gray, in addition to the versatility for various combinations.

Quarto Casal MDF Alecrim e Tela

Standards: Alecrim and Tela

Revestir 2020

Guararapes was at Expo Revestir 2020 to present the releases to professionals in architecture, decoration and construction, with an innovative stand that caught the attention of those who visited there.

We had the largest number of releases in our history and Revestir provided us with the best time to introduce them to architects, designers and other opinion makers. The releases and the way they were presented reaffirmed our commitment to design and the vanguard of our segment

comments Humberto Oliveira, Guararapes marketing manager.

Check out the news:

Magma Line


Inspired by the nostalgic Granilite, a success in the 1940s, the Fulgê pattern brings the fascinating composition of cement and granite chips.

Cosmos – smooth texture

The union of veins filled with gold and graphite background guarantees an exotic and personality pattern. The smooth texture brings a special charm to the product.

Café MDF Curupixá e Cosmos

Standards: Cosmos and Curupixá

Quartzo – smooth texture

The entire personality of the stone Quartz is reflected in this product, which gains smooth lines, a clear background and smooth texture, gradually revealing the subtlety of its details.

Comfort Line

Tela – Magma texture

Bringing the warmth of handmade work, this pattern is inspired by the straw weave. The material can be combined with the most diverse types of wood, hybrids and uni-colors. The realism of the design was enhanced when combined with the three-dimensional texture.

Copa MDF Ipê e Tela

Standards: Tela and Ipê

Colors Line


In yet another MDF reminiscent of memories, Tijolo comes inspired by products made with clay - which are back to homes. With micro-graphism, the design refers to the freshness of the material and enriches the environment with its bold color.

Hall MDF Carvalho Natural e Tijolo

Standards: Tijolo and Carvalho Natural


Brazilian tropicality translated into color. Always seeking to innovate, Guararapes releases Alecrim that brings a more grayish tone, versatile for bold and classic combinations.


With Níquel, the color gains a lead-based metallic shade heated with micro-graphs, easily used as uni-color or hybrid. 

Dual Syncro Line


Italian walnut with a reddish color, tropical style and warm tonalities. It ensures elegance to the environments and has the best synchronized texture on the market, with 100% synchronized design and texture on both sides of the panel.

Café MDF Caribe e Alecrim

Standards: Caribe and Alecrim

Naturale Line

Carvalho Natural – Deep Wood texture

Calm design with many linear parts, extremely natural color and perfect texture of sanded wood blade.

Madeiras do Brasil Line

With impeccable versions of the noblest woods in Brazil, Guararapes seeks to highlight the naturalness of the colors, the reality of the designs and the perfect touch.

Ipê - Deep Wood texture

Considered a noble wood, we highlight its elegance with golden pigments added its composition.

Quarto de Casal  MDF Ipê e Fendi

Standards: Ipê and Fendi

Imbuia - Deep Wood texture

Noble wood from the Atlantic Forest. Imbuia aims to preserve the history of this tree, bringing it into the homes. The material is associated with luxury furniture.

Tauari - Deep Wood texture

Wood found predominantly in the northern region of Brazil. Tauari has busier lines with entire cathedrals and very clear designs. 

Loja MDF Tauari e Quartzo

Standards: Tauari and Quartzo

Curupixá - Deep Wood texture

Exotic wood from the northern region of Brazil. The subtlety of the pores with the natural color and perfect finish of the sanded wood blade results in a delicate and elegant design.

Pau-Ferro - Deep Wood texture

Noble wood from the Atlantic Forest, with a strong personality design. It is present in several pieces of high standard furniture.

Sala Jantar Pau-Ferro e Quartzo

Standards: Pau Ferro and Quartzo