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Innovation and renovation: the largest collection in our history

With 19 new exclusive patterns and textures, our new collection explores colors, woods, fabrics, metallic tones, and handcraft techniques


MDFs Cinza Perfeito, Tauari Ripado e Tauari

MDFs Cinza Perfeito, Tauari e Tauari Ripado

2023 is the year of the largest launch in our history. It includes 19 patterns, including single‑color patterns, fabric designs, metallic tones, and an all-new line that joins the looks of wood and geometry together in a reference to a classic style of woodworking: marquetry.

The launches are also bringing new textures and seek to establish links between the past and the future, allowing for authentic, sophisticated spaces to be created.

All these novelties were presented at the Expo Revestir 2023 fair, which is Latin America’s largest exhibition of coatings and finishes. The event is one of the most representative ones for the architecture and interior design market, as well as an important stage where the trends of the industry can settle.

These are our launches:

New Mageo line – MDF patterns inspired by marquetry

The ancient handcraft technique of marquetry has been the inspiration for the Mageo Line launch. Available as the Mageo Imbuia, Mageo Mel, and Mageo Carvalho patterns, these MDF panels incorporate different tones into the same design, on top of combining diagonal lines and a three-dimensional surface. All this includes a new exclusive texture that is 100% synchronized to the design on both sides of the product.

Linha Mageo - Guararapes

MDFs Mageo Mel, Mageo Imbua e Mageo Carvalho

By bringing wood and geometry together, the Mageo line ensures handiness for architects, designers, and woodworkers wishing to incorporate manual techniques into their projects. Through their realistic effect, these patterns are also perfect for those looking for exclusivity in their customized decoration and furniture and, besides, they give spaces a nostalgic, vintage touch.

Mageo Mel e Gali - Lançamento Guararapes

MDFs Mageo Mel e Gali

Madeiras do Brasil line – A revisited version that brings trends and versatility together

Elegant, timeless, and versatile, stripwood panels continue to be present in countless projects, especially because wood goes very well with other decoration materials and elements. In order to follow this trend and ensure a smoother job for woodworkers, we have launched revisited versions of celebrated patterns with a paneled aspect.

 Incorporated into the Madeiras do Brasil line, our portfolio is now added with the following options: Curupixá Ripado, Tauari Ripado, and Freijó Ripado.

Ripados - Linha Madeiras do Brasil Guararapes

MDFs Curupixá ripado, Freijó Ripado e Tauari Ripado

Countless possibilities are unveiled with these patterns, which bring a stripwood structure in their designs with natural colors and grains. Another competitive edge of these three panels is the Deep Wood texture, which follows the design direction of the wood strips to make the panel more real to the touch, on top of exhibiting an effect of flattened and slightly sanded wood.

 It is worth stressing that the launches of the Mageo and Madeiras do Brasil lines bring all this realism with less labor and material waste, thus attaining outstanding cost effectiveness.

MDFs Erva-mate, Curupixá e Curupixá Ripado, da Guararapes

 MFDs Curupixá, Curupixá Ripado e Erva-mate

Colors line – A chromatic embrace in interior design

Amid our daily routine, moments if well-being have been more and more necessary. Whatever your decoration style is, comfort, coziness, and healing are always key in both residential and corporate spaces. For that purpose, colors and materials play a decisive role, and the post‑pandemic life has strengthened this need for spaces with some balanced composition.

Lançamentos Linha Colors Guararapes

MDFs Azul Ardósia, Marula e Erva-mate

With this outlook in mind, we are presenting six new patterns in the Colors Line. Check them out:


●     Azul Ardósia, a grayish blue tone to make up calm and serene spaces.

●     Cinza Perfeito, a neutral tone of intermediate luminosity capable of matching any environment.

●     Erva Mate, with its dark green tone, perfect for spaces demanding serenity and elegance.

●     Mangue, a timeless earthy tone to arouse a feeling of coziness in any environment.

●     Marula, which brings all the smoothness of the beige color with a calm, easy-to-use personality.

●     Terrino, a brownish tone with a gray touch that combines sophistication and versatility for timeless environments.


They can all be leading actors in your projects or make up beautiful compositions along with other patterns. In addition to a renewed collection, another advantage of the Colors Line is its exclusive super matt texture, which provides a warm, silky touch to MDF panels.

Lançamento Linha Colors Guararapes 2023

MDFs Terrino, Mague e Cinza Perfeito

Metalic Line – A technological and luxurious aspect with the new texture Soft Square

We are always tuned to the main trends of consumers and the architecture and interior market. For that reason, we are also bringing novelties to the Metalic Line. Inspired by the metallic textures of music amplifiers as well as virtual assistants and smart gadgets, the five MDF patterns bring contemporary tones, a mesh-like texture, and a slight metallic touch. They are:

Lançamentos Linha Metalic Guararapes 2023

MDFs Aura, Platina e Jaspe

●     Aura, a slightly golden pattern with a silky shine.

●     Jaspe, a combination between an earthy tone and copper.

●     Nua, a neutral, natural, and timeless tone.

●     Platina, a metallic gray with a smooth shine.

●     Tecno, with a pattern that combines the shine of the metallic pigment and a tight mesh.

Estas novidades possuem nova e exclusiva textura, inspirada nas estruturas metálicas das caixas de som: a Soft Square, que oferece um brilho acetinado e inspira luxo e modernidade.

Lançamentos Linha Metalic Guararapes 2023

MDFs Tecno e Nua

These novelties have a new, exclusive texture inspired by the metallic structures of music amplifiers: Soft Square, which provides a silky shine and arouses luxury and modernity.

Comfort Line – Patterns that elevate the feeling of comfort

The Tear and Gali patterns – both from the Comfort Line, which also have the new Soft Square texture, establish a direct link to classic fabrics and provide neutral, timeless tones.

Lançamentos Linha Comfort - Guararapes 2023

MDFs Gali e Tear

When applied to details or larger objects, these launches match various patterns from our portfolio, which enables bold, classic, minimalistic, futuristic, cozy, and many other compositions.


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