The formula applied to the resin assures a higher internal bonding strength and a slower expansion rate. For that reason, RUC MDF is especially indicated for moist spaces, such bathrooms, laundry rooms, and residential or commercial projects in coastal and mountain areas.

RUC MDF exhibits excellent results for the manufacture of various items of furniture, including machined parts, special cuts, and rounded edges. The multiple DIY possibilities are also positive sides about using this board. The homogeneous nature of this MDF product also provides outstanding performance in painting processes.  

Double-protection RUC MDF: Moisture and Termite Resistance

Guaranteed 5-year resistance to termites.

  • Termite infestations or infiltrations must be removed before installing the product.
  • The material is not waterproof.
  • Edge bands must be applied properly.
  • The greenish coloring of RUC MDF is due to a an international identification convention for water-resistant MDF.
Technical information
Thicknesses (mm):

3,6,12,15 and 18.

Dimensions (mm):