A board in a solid color with a texturized finish. Ideal for moist spaces, such bathrooms, laundry rooms, and water closets, and residential or commercial projects in coastal and mountain areas.

Triple-protection RUC: Moisture, Termite, and NanoxClean®

A moisture- and termite-resistant MDF product. RUC Branco TX also has the exclusive nanotechnology NanoxClean®, which protects the MDF surface against viruses, fungi, and bacteria.

 5-year warranty against termites.

●       Termite infestations or infiltrations must be removed before installing the product.

●       The material is not waterproof.

●       Edge bands must be applied properly.

●       The greenish coloring of RUC MDF is due to a an international identification convention for water-resistant MDF.

Technical information

TX texture: Slightly granulated texture with a discreet shine.

Thicknesses (mm):

6,12,15 e 18.

Measurements (mm):