Life happens behind our eyes. Just look from a new angle.

A novelty to break paradigms. With an infinity of details never before seen in MDF panels, the Perspectivas line allows a sensorial experience through its patterns.

With images obtained from 700 thousand meters, the new Line Perspectivas portraits known places of our planet, under a new look. A small piece of the infinite, stamping each of the new patterns of Guararapes’ MDF. One invitation for a flight that will revolutionize the history of interior design.

Guararapes won IF Design Award 2022, one of the greatest world design awards, creating the Line Perspectivas, click here to know more.

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MDF São Paulo

A new sight about the bigger Brazil’s metropolis.

We can find meaning in the midst of chaos. And, more than that, if we look carefully, it is possible to find all the beauty spread by the streets of São Paulo. The skyscrapers, the great marginals, the immensity of the city, and a little bit of life in every corner of Brazil's largest capital.

Texture: Super Matt with a velvety touch.

Thickness: 06 and 18 mm.

Dimensions: 2750x1850 mm.

Suggested combinations

MDF Floresta

A surprising look at the immensity.

An aerial tour of the largest sanctuary of Brazilian fauna, a masterpiece of nature. The view from the heart of the Amazon rainforest offers a refuge for the eyes and the soul, full of life, elegance, and subtlety. A true journey with every new look.

Texture: Three-dimensional touch magma: Much more details and reality.

Thickness: 06 and 18 mm.

Dimensions: 2750x1850 mm.

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