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Perspectivas Line: MDFs like you've never seen

Get to know São Paulo and Floresta patterns and be surprised by this novelty from Guararapes


We selected photos from the Amazon Forest and the city of São Paulo aiming at translating the “Overview Effect”, the sensation that astronauts experience when they see the Earth from space, into the universe of interior design with a surprising product different from anything on the market.

Grant's images were applied to MDF using a technology that has not yet been explored, which is digital printing, which guarantees greater color fidelity and a panel without repetition of the design, a development carried out with great synergy with the Schattdecor Brasil team.

This partnership with Guararapes makes perfect sense to me, as I have always believed that the larger these images are presented, the better. The fact that I created the unique photos for the Perspectives line, taking into account the highest standards of resolution and print quality, makes me confident that we harness the true power of aerial perspective, creating an immersive and awe-inspiring setting wherever these images are installed

details Grant.

MDF Floresta represents the greatest asset of Brazilian biodiversity: the Amazon Forest. The view offers a haven for the eyes and soul, full of life, elegance and subtlety.  It is a panel that allows several re-readings, whether in furniture or wall coverings, in addition to bringing the biophilic design into the environments.


MDF Floresta

Meanwhile the São Paulo pattern, offers urban personality and a detailed portrait of the city. It is a new perspective on the largest metropolis in Brazil and proves that it is possible to find meaning and beauty in the midst of the “stone jungle”.

MDF Sao Paulo

The selected images were printed on a smaller scale, which guarantees hybrid characteristics for each pattern, allowing for a diversity of interpretations.

says Jessica Hori, Product and Specification Coordinator at Guararapes.

The Perspectivas line is already available on the market and, to ensure a higher quality of finish, the edge bands for these products were also made available with digital printing technology, nearing the design of the panels.