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Discover our six new TFL designs with moisture, termite, and bacteria resistance

Reputable products now available in a RUC version


To complete our portfolio, we have launched 6 already reputable MDF designs now with the exclusive RUC technology (standing for “Moisture and Termite Resistance”) and NanoxClean®, a technology with micro silver particles that inactivates viruses, fungi, and bacteria. 

On top of the Raw, Standard White, and Maxi White versions, these products are now also available in a RUC version: Graphite and Sand, from the Colors line, Freijó and Tauari from the Brazilian Woods line, Walnut Savannah from the Dual Syncro line, and Natural Oak from the Naturale line, in thicknesses of 6, 15, 18, and 25 millimeters. 

Freijo MDF - Brazilian Woods

Freijo - Brazilian Woods

The panels with the RUC technology are provided with a special resin that ensures protection against termite activity and way higher resistance to air humidity. This formula assures higher internal bonding strength and a slower expansion and swelling rate, which makes it especially indicated for moist spaces. These panels are optimal for spaces like restrooms and kitchens, or locations that suffer with high air humidity, like beach and mountain areas, and are also termite resistant, which increases the service life of furniture.

The greenish coloring of RUC MDF is the result of a pigment that serves only as its international identification as a water-resistant product. On top of protection, RUC panels have a five-year warranty against termite activity. Before installing it, it is important to check the place for infiltrations or termite infestations.