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Guararapes’ RUC MDF:  moisture and termite resistant

With its super protection, the RUC MDF from Guararapes is optimal for furniture in kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry rooms, on top of high‑moisture locations


MDF RUC Cru Guararapes

Furniture that is installed in bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms is always more prone to sustaining wearing and deformation due to the high moisture levels, especially when the edge banding finish is not adequately performed.

For that reason, an optimal choice is Guararapes’ RUC MDF (RUC stands for “Moisture and Termite Resistant” in Portuguese), which has been specially manufactured to have good performance in wet environments or locations that suffer with high air humidity, like beach and mountain areas.

RUC MDF, even without any coating, offers double protection: it is termite proof and moisture resistant. This is possible due to a special formula applied to the resin that joins the wood fibers together.

This technology expands the resistance and protection properties and makes sure that the board will not absorb the room moisture and will stay protected against termite attacks, thus increasing the service life of the furniture.

The MDF products RUC Branco TX and RUC Maxi Branco have also received all the benefits of the NanoxClean ® technology, which protects the board from viruses, fungi, and bacteria, including the coronavirus, making the material three times as protected.

What distinguishes RUC MDF from traditional MDF?

Both are manufactured from wood fibers mixed with resin. The difference lies in that panels with the RUC technology are given a special repellent resin, providing double protection against termite attacks and moisture absorption. This formula assures higher internal bonding strength and a slower expansion rate, which makes it especially indicated for moist spaces.

What is the reason for the green color of RUC MDF?

The greenish coloring of RUC MDF is the result of a pigment that serves only as its international identification as a water-resistant product.

Which sizes of MDF RUC are available from Guararapes?

Following the manufacturing rules, our RUC MDF is available as raw boards (uncoated MDF) and the versions Maxi Branco and Branco TX, both in boards measuring 2750 x 1850 mm, with thicknesses of 3, 6, 12 e 15, and 18 mm.

* 3 mm only for the raw, uncoated version.


MDF RUC Guararapes Branco TX

RUC Branco TX

MDF RUC Guararapes Maxi Branco

RUC Maxi Branco

What extra care is needed when using RUC MDF?

Guararapes’ RUC technology does not make the MDF waterproof. For that reason, we always recommend applying edge banding on all sides of the panel and check for any infiltrations before installing the furniture.

It is also necessary to check for any termite or other pest proliferations before proceeding to any installation.

RUC MDF exhibits excellent results for the manufacture of various items of furniture, including machined parts, special cuts, and rounded edges. The multiple DIY possibilities are also positive sides about using this board. The homogeneous nature of this MDF product also provides outstanding performance in painting processes.