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Meet our new MDF inspired on fabrics

Following international trends, we launched the Tecido and Tricotê patterns within the Comfort Line


Consumer profile has changed and world trends point to the need for products that offer sensorial experiences and establish stronger emotional links between companies and people. Thinking of that, we have created two new patterns within the Comfort Line, Tricotê and Tecido.


MDF launches by Guararapes

MDF Tricotê has a tridimensional texture and is inspired on Tweed, very famous in the fashion and high-end furniture universe. Already  MDF Tecido is inspired on Chenille, it is contemporaneous and brings all the sophistication and tenderness of this textile material, in addition to a velvety touch that remits to the softness of your preference.

The Comfort Line, was setup to bring about originality and sophistication to environments. To complement, we are launching new patterns that establish a touch of warmth, naturality, and at the same time, elegance to the projects

Explains Jéssica Hori, product and specification coordinator at Guararapes.

The new options carry several composition possibilities and can be applied to any type of furniture.

MDF Tecido

Closet with MDF Tecido, Comfort line Guararapes

The plot itself already sets an atmosphere of comfort and coziness, that is why the Tecido and Tricotê patterns can be the starting points for decoration.

concludes Jessica.

MDF Tricotê

Headboard and support table in Melamina Tricotê, of the Comfort Line Guararapes

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