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Áris Guararapes: Anti-fingerprint and anti-micro-scratch MDF

On top of its UV radiation and heat protection, the technology applied also protects the material against micro scratches and cuts.


Our new product category, Áris, is getting in our portfolio with a coating technology in which electron beams, jointly with the acrylic resin, make up an extra protection layer against scratches and fingerprints, on top of UV radiation and heat, thus avoiding a color change in the MDF due to time or sunlight exposure.



Neblina MDF

Optimal for heavily accessed places like bars, restaurants, and offices, the Áris panels are also recommended for household environments like the kitchen, bedroom, and living room, especially in homes with children and pets. Besides its functionality and handiness, this new category of anti-fingerprint and anti‑micro-scratch MDF comes in two patterns, Neblina and Noite, which adapt to many applications and combinations. 



Noite MDF

You can learn more at guararapes.com.br/aris