Walnut Sonora

With a design inspired by the Italian nut tree, the new Sonora pattern has its coloring largely inspired by the trends of terracotta colors applied to spaces, with quite a warm look. This coloring also establishes a proximity to the colors of the soil in the Sonoran Desert, which has inspired the name of the pattern.  The perfect synergy between design and texture provides this standard with the realistic feel of a natural veneer to the smallest detail.

Dual Syncro line
All the characteristics of walnut revealed in a line of authentic patterns where the texture is in harmony with the design of the wood on the two faces of the product.

Technical information

Dual Syncro Texture | Contains NanoxClean® surface protection.

Thickness (mm):

6,9,12,15,18 and 25.

Dimensions (mm):



Guararapes has the exclusive NanoxClean® nanotecnology, a natural antimicrobial protection against germs, bacteria and other microorganisms.

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