MDF Standard

MDF is an extremely versatile product. The panels are suitable for painting, melamine linings, laminating, door skins, PVC coatings and other diverse applications. It is an easily machined product and an excellent product choice for use in the furniture, architectural and decor industries.

MDF is widely used for flat and machined doors, door cushions, partitions, wall coverings, stair balustrades, floors, baseboards, jams and diverse furniture

components. The panels are also commonly used in the production of lathed, carved and machined components.

// Advantages

• High surface density

• Homogeneous surfaces

• Good machinability

• Uniform light color

• Ideal for painting, coating, or design applications

// Applications

• Furniture and interior designs

• Doors, frames

• Lamination and coating

• Handcraft

• Public buildings such as offices, schools, restaurants, etc.

Technical information
Thickness (mm):

09, 12, 15, 18, 21, 24, 27 e 30

Dimensions (mm):



* Other dimensions and thicknesses on request.


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