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Nanox Clean® Protection

Nanox Clean®,
more protection for
you and your family.

The Metallic, Comfort, and Dual Touch lines count on the exclusive application of NanoxClean®, a product that guarantees antimicrobial protection, naturally and specifically against germs, bacteria, and other microorganisms.

Its antimicrobial action turns surfaces permanently free from invisible everyday threats. The product, developed by modern processes and technology, is not toxic and contributes significantly healthier environments.



Carb Certification

Commitment with the


Guararapes’ products may also be CARB2 certified (California Air Resources Board – Phase 2), which aims to set maximum values for the emissions of formaldehydes in wood-based products, including MDF. This certificate warrants that panels are produced with low emissions of formaldehydes thus meeting high environmental standards, compatible with legal limits set in the US. Guararapes’ concerns are directly connected to its investments to reduce the impact of its panels in the environment and in people’s health. That only reaffirms Guararapes’ commitment with sustainability.


FSC® Certification

Guararapes holds FSC®  – Forest Stewardship Council® certification. This international certification allows us to stamp our products Certified FSC®  with the FSC® logo, which guarantees that the products are produced with wood from forests that are managed following strict social, environmental and economic criteria, and other controlled sources.

Our objective is the responsible use of forest resources and wood from other controlled sources, meeting criteria defined by the FSC®. Our company has a Wood Acquisition Policy and other procedures to control wood sources, excluding foresting activities that are socially and environmentally harmful.


Technical Specifications


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