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For more than three decades in the market, Guararapes manufactures MDF panels and it is one of the largest plywood panel exporter in Latina America. Currently operating with three factories in Caçador/SC (MDF), Palmas/PR (Plywood) and Santa Cecília/SC (Plywood).

Guararapes has been highlighted internationally by the quality of its products due to the constant investments in qualification, expansion, technology and improvement to it industrial park. It is currently exporting its panels to over 50 nations, with quality assurance that complies with the most demanding markets and various certifications such as the FSC® – Forest Stewardship Council® seal, featuring its commitment to responsible development and a healthy environment. 

With the recent announcement to invest in the MDF line, our production capacity increased to over 600.000 m³ per year, becoming one the nation’s leading MDF production companies and totaling about 900.000 m³ per year of production from forest based panels.


Our History

From the small veneer mill that in 1984 started its activities, Guararapes has diversified its markets in early 2009 and expanded its structure in 2016 to supply the growing demand of the  internal and external market.


To produce, in a sustainable manner, forest based panels, globally acting, with value generation, transmitting reliance with social and environmental responsibility in the offered products and services.


To search, through reliability and competence, highlight position in the manufacturing of forest based panels, meeting the domestic and foreign market, through the offer of products and services with high added value and of the development of an activity fully sustainable.

Business Locations

In its strategic planning, Guararapes works with a concept that provides an operational advantage: synergy. The MDF facility was strategically positioned in the center of two plywood facilities– Palmas and Santa Cecilia. These units produce a “residue” called clean chips, that is an important raw material in the production of MDF.

Guararapes also carries out, at its facilities, an optimization of raw materials, in which the thick logs which are used in the production of plywood and the thin logs are used in the production of MDF. In addition to this, it seeks environmental responsibility, increasing and taking advantage of the industrial residue and maintains a policy of sustainable development.



Guararapes exports its products to more than 50 countries, with a guaranteed quality to satisfy the most demanding markets.

Environmental Responsability

For Guararapes, growth and innovation only have value when, at the same time, they promote sustainable development, concern for the environment, and social responsibility. All of our facilities work together to respect and preserve nature.

In this way, we are committed to renew the raw materials that we use. Since 1992, Guararapes has utilized reforested pine in its production process. The company even performs treatment of all water used in its production processes. Water is returned to nature in a better condition than at intake, and it is in total compliance with what is required by the environmental protection agencies. The residue from the wood used in the process of manufacturing the plywood becomes a raw material in the production of MDF. This results in quality and sustainability which correlates to cost savings and respect to the environment.

In addition to this, Guararapes holds FSC® certification- Forest Stewardship Council®, a seal that attests that the wood used in the manufacturing of its products comes from forests that are managed in an environmentally adequate way, economically viable, socially benefical and from other controlled sources.

Ensuring the well-being of its workers and of society, Guararapes performs diverse campaigns and programs, and, investing resources in a powerful tool of transformation and social sustainability: Education. Guararapes, as the sponsor of the institution of higher learning FADEP- Faculdade de Pato Branco- offers diverse undergraduate, graduate, and MBA courses. Our objective is to invest in a quality education to guarantee a better future for the community and all generations.


Social Responsability

Guararapes believes that looking after the future is thinking about the now. Our social responsibility is based on guidelines and strategies that benefit the local community from various actions and programs in the areas of education, sports, culture, social and economic development. The aim is to ensure integration and well-being, put people first, and provide a better future for society and for all generations.

Get to know some actions of the institutional support and social projects:


Resources are invested in a powerful tool of transformation and social sustainability: education. Guararapes, maintainer of the institution of higher education FADEP– Faculdade de Pato Branco, offers several undergraduate, postgraduate and MBA courses, and also enables all its employees to access scholarships for technical, undergraduate and postgraduate courses in institutions in the region.

Charitable Donations

In the last year Guararapes invested over R $ 300,000 in donations. One of the highlights was the renovation at the Municipal Shelter Center of Palmas. The place was completely renovated to accommodate children who were at risk. Painted walls, new flooring, planned furniture, everything was executed with much affection to bring comfort, well-being and security. During the year, numerous basic baskets are also distributed.

Support for tax incentive laws

Through the Rouanet Guararapes Law directed funds for the development of projects aligned with social responsibility guidelines, and sponsored cultural projects that include theater presentations in pediatric hospitals, and encouraging music to the local community.

Sports Support

Guararapes values the sport and sponsors the Palmas / PR Futsal team, which is currently in contention for the Gold series. The aim is to support a local team and encourage sports in society.

Integration actions

Guararapes Family Day is an action that welcomes the families of employees and provides the experience of experiencing the day to day life of those who work here. Children’s Christmas promotes integration through a full party for the employees’ children. The last edition counted on the participation of almost 2,000 children and numerous collaborators who volunteered in the organization and in the activities with the small ones.